Girls in Handcuffs - About Us

1. Welcome

    Welcome to Girls in Handcuffs, our brand new website dedicated to beautiful women locked in handcuffs. So what now? I don't think any of us feel entirely comfortable buying via the Internet from a website that seems to spring up overnight, and may disappear just as quickly. Well, Girls in Handcuffs may be fairly new, but the people behind it have been selling "adult" material on the Internet for years. My name is David North, and in May 2005 I started a website called Bound2Burst - just Goggle the name and you'll find it right away. In October 2009, I opened a second website called Beauties in Bondage ( devoted to women in bondage, using rope, zip ties, handcuffs, duct tape and occasionally chains. Both websites now have a large following, but I am always looking for more avenues to explore in the world of fetish. Having opened a Girls in Handcuffs store on Clips4Sale ( and found significant interest in the content, I decided to launch a third website devoted entirely to handcuffs and legirons. And here we are!

    The filming for Girls in Handcuffs content currently piggy-backs on shoots for Beauties in Bondage and Bound2Burst, but if GIH grows significantly in popularity, which is what happened with Beauties in Bondage, then we'll start arranging shoots for handcuff scenarios only. You can buy our movies using a system called Files Forever, hosted by Dreamhost in California. Our prices are lower than those on Clips4Sale because we pay a much smaller overhead to Dreamhost. Their Files Forever system also means that you can store your purchases online forever at no cost beyond the initial purchase of a movie. It's a great deal. However, if new websites and deals that seem "too good to be true" make you uncomfortable, then of course you can buy our movies via Clips4Sale.

2. Not hardcore

    I've had a few inquiries from people asking about nude bondage and torture bondage. A few of the models who work with us are fine with nude content, but the theme of Girls in Handcuffs is to create moderately convincing scenarios of women being arrested and slapped in cuffs, rather than have a lot of gratuitous nudity. That's not to say we won't include a little here and there, but only when it makes sense in the context of the scenario being filmed. The women will often be in suits or at least smart street clothes, and will often play professional women such as secretaries and companies CEOs, or that favorite of all victim, the officious person who thinks herself superior, just before she gets taken down a peg or two when she finds herself in handcuffs. We will not entertain real torture of any kind; anything seen on this website that looks as if the model is being threatened or harmed is completely staged and performed with the full consent of the model or models concerned. Our first priority is always the safety and well-being of our models. Finally, absolutely no sexual intercourse is depicted on this website, not even in mock up.

3. Custom movies

    These are not being advertised on the site, but you are welcome to inquire. Before you do, be aware that the typical cost of a 20-minute custom with a single model is $200, plus the cost of any particular clothing you want the model to wear. You won't be able to send garments to us, so if you are looking for something specific, please send a link to the item on the website of a reputable company. No links to eBay items. You should also feel free to write with ideas, but we make no promises to film anything that is suggested. Moreover, if we do, you automatically relinquish your rights to that idea and you will not be compensated financially. Look upon it as a chance to see your fantasy realized free of charge, bearing in mind that because we don't charge money in these circumstances, we are free to adapt the idea as we see fit.

    You may have noticed by now that I'm a somewhat candid sort of guy. I will not mislead you about the contents of the movies I offer, or make rash promises to collect a custom fee from you and then sell you short on the end product. At the same time, I won't take any crap from the (fortunately) small fraction of people who just enjoy whining and bitching. I'll happily deal with genuine queries and complaints, but I'm not here to play silly buggers. Life's too short! If you think my attitude sucks, then feel free to go back to those sites where they shower you with extravagant superlatives about how wonderful they are.

    Happy browsing!



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